Building Outstanding Success Habits In International Communication, Productivity and Career / Life Balance

Despite advances in technology, the need for clear, compelling and engaging “Human-to-Human” communication skills remains as necessary and as relevant as ever. The fast pace and daily multiple task demands for the modern professional can also lead to many compromises in personal productivity, lifestyle management and subsequent health well-being.

These challenges are especially noticeable in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) professions where despite outstanding academic and technical qualifications, professional “soft skill” areas were in the past rarely observed as important competencies but are now in high-demand by employers across research and industry. Thus, there exists a skills-gap to be filled and a competitive differentiator to be realised.

Coaching of selected skills can build competency, confidence and capability to manage these challenges and extend a professional comfort zone & mindset for career and personal success in a global, multi-cultural, gender & diversity sensitive work environment.

“Successful people tend to focus on growth, solving problems and self-improvement, while unsuccessful people think of their abilities as fixed assets and, therefore, avoid challenges.” Professor Carol Dweck, Stanford University

“It is possible to develop the skills you need to lead the life you want.” Professor Stew Friedman, Wharton School of Business

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Sample Testimonials

It was a great pleasure and extremely successful to work with Dr. Charlton in the last year on my ERC consolidator proposal presentation.

I was impressed by his focus, his knowledge and most importantly the amazing capacity to look at things with an external perspective in a very objective manner.

His expertise in scientifc presentations, how to simplify things without losing critical elements and also his scientific background helped greatly.

Finally, it was big fun to work with Paul and it was amazing to see the momentum we could create within our work.

I thus can strongly recommend to work with Dr. Charlton – and the best recommendation of all should be the fact that my staff and myself will continue to work with Paul in the future.

Univ. Prof. Dr. bei Deutsches Krebsforschungs Zentrum

I recently worked with Paul at a Gartner event in Barcelona. He was there to coach me in the skills of public speaking for such prestigious executive IT industry events. From the moment we first shook hands, Paul was easy to work with, showed a passion for what he does, and took great care to put me at ease throughout the whole preparation and rehearsal process. I can honestly say the work he did with me was a major factor for me to successfully deliver my speech. I can highly recommend him.

Head of IT, Rail Transportation Industry, UK

I was seeking an expert that can help improve my professional international presentation skills. Paul was recommended to me by a presentation-coaching company in the US (I did not want to travel there). He is not only flexible in the commercial aspects based on available budgets – he also proved to be the perfect match for my needs. We intensely covered the presentation coaching – but once we started working – we widened the context of our sessions to broader communication skills. I got a lot of value out of the sessions (personally and professionally) and I am looking very much forward to our next session in April. Paul’s knowledge, experience and the way he facilitates me in achieving my goals is really unique: fun, spot-on and effective. I can recommend Paul to anyone that really desires to improve their professional presentation and communication skills. Not only that – his location in the Alps and his executive facilities are also very impressive.

Managing Vice President at Gartner

Ich arbeite nun seit fast einem Jahr mit Paul zusammen. Anfangs dachte ich, das Coaching wäre nur dazu da, um meine Kompetenz in der Präsentation wissenschaftlicher Daten auf internationalen Kongressen zu verbessern. Überraschenderweise veränderten sich jedoch auch meine Kompetenzen zur Analyse der Zielgruppen unter Berücksichtigung menschlicher und kultureller Verschiedenheiten, da Paul mich an seinen unschätzbaren beruflichen sowie persönlichen Erfahrungen seines Lebens in Asien, Amerika und Europa teilhaben lies.
In weiteren Fortbildungen verfeinerten wir meine Kompetenzen in Verhandlungen, welche für vielfältigste Situationen geeignet sind. Alle diese Coaching-Sessions waren wirklich harte Arbeit, jedoch sehr zielorientiert und auf die Bedürfnisse des Kunden zugeschnitten. Auch wenn es sich hierbei um eine berufliche Fortbildung handelt, entwickelten wir eine sehr freundschaftliche Art zu Arbeiten. Jedem, der seine beruflichen Fähigkeiten effizient weiterentwickeln möchte, kann ich eine Zusammenarbeit mit Paul Charlton nur sehr ans Herz legen.

Forschungsgruppenleiter bei Technische Universität München

Decidí apuntarme a las sesiones que Paul ofrecía para mejorar mis habilidades para presentar resultados cientifícos. Con su ayuda aprendí diferentes técnicas que he puesto en práctica con muy buenos resultados. Durante mis presentaciones me siento más segura y el año pasado gané un premio a la mejor presentación de un póster científico en un congreso internacional (EHSG-Roma 2014). Lo que más me ha gustado de trabajar con Paul es su entusiasmo y la energía que transmite en cada momento. Paul sabe captar tus necesidades y es capaz de sacar lo mejor de uno. Realmente recomendaría sus sesiones a todos los que buscan mejorar sus aptitudes a la hora de expresar y presentar resultados a una audiencia internacional.

Postdoctoral Researcher at Technische Universität München

I participated in the EISC coaching programme (and other programmes from Paul) at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. The scientific & technical background of Paul as well as his extensive experiences in Asia, the Americas and Europe greatly enhances his inter-competency / inter-cultural knowledge and he was able to enhance my presentation and negotiation skills to another level. An important element of his successful programmes is also his enthusiastic, focused and entertaining style of coaching. The days are long and challenging but always full of value and fun. I can recommend Paul’s coaching courses for anybody who wants to improve their skills from their existing level to excellent!

Postdoctoral Scientist at Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

If you are looking for someone who shares priceless international business and work/life experiences with you, for someone who guides by giving his opinion in a frank yet polite way, for someone you can really learn from even if you are expert, ask for Paul! Paul is an open-minded, fast thinking person. He presents profound knowledge in an entertaining yet very efficient way – brilliant!

Post-Doctoral Scientist (Infection Research)

Dr. Paul Charlton is one of the best trainers and consultants that I have ever worked with. He is the consummate professional. He knows his subject. He goes deep into every topic he presents. He is straightforward and extremely honest with his clients. We have worked together on several projects. I admire his skills and expertise. Most of all, I consider him a valuable friend. Go to Paul if you want to work hard and get results.

President & Founder, Lydia Ramsey Inc.

Paul has worked closely with me and a number of my staff to develop their sales and negotiation skills. The training provided was of high value. Paul demonstrated a deep knowledge of his subject, and his training methods were consistenty stimulating and successful. I have no hesitation in recommending his work.

VP and Managing Director Wipro Solutions Canada at Wipro

Wir arbeiten regelmäßig mit Dr. Charlton zusammen und haben sehr gute Erfahrungen mit seinen Workshops gemacht. Seine professionell vorbereiteten und durchgeführten Schulungen in den Bereichen Präsentations-Vorbereitung und Umsetzung (mit Video-Kontrolle) sowie Business English sind sehr effektiv und auch unterhaltsam. Ich selbst konnte bereits vieles in meinem Alltag umsetzen. Insgesamt kann ich die Coachings nur wärmstens empfehlen.

Geschäftsführer und Senior Coach bei GO Beratung Oberland GmbH

The 3-week technology transfer course under the guidance of Dr. Paul Charlton was an excellent balance of theory, case studies, and interactive exercises. In this short amount of time, I acquired skills in business planning, negotiation tactics, cultural competence, and behavior management; skills that I otherwise would not obtain in a purely scientific / academic setting.

I consider Dr. Paul Charlton a mentor and I appreciate deeply his consistent active involvement in the ASAG Biotech Network as it ensures the continuous education of the Biotech programme alumni.

Mass Spectrometry Specialist at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology

Dr. Paul Charlton is an outstanding and inspiring Professional. As alumni of his Technology Transfer training programme, I gained substantial knowledge regarding negotiation, presentation, cross cultural competence and also technology transfer. The knowledge I gained and also the practical experience we had was very important for my personal and professional growth and for my career.

Technical Advisor on the UNEP TEEB Project at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Dr. Paul Charlton zu treffen und von seinen profunden Kenntnissen zu partizipieren hat mich professionell und persönlich in vielerlei Hinsicht weiter gebracht. Er hat die Fähigkeit nicht nur Informationen zu vermitteln, sondern seine Konzepte können unmittelbar angewendet werden und sich in der Folge im Alltag immer weiter festigen. Ich kann die integre und jederzeit professionelle Coachingarbeit mit Dr. Paul Charlton uneingeschränkt empfehlen, wenn man bereit ist den nächsten Schritt zu machen.

DZHK Standortmanager Göttingen, Geschäftführer SFB 1002 bei Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

Dr. Paul Charlton has greatly helped me to improve my international presentation skills and also has been a good advisor on how to manage and lead research teams with awareness of the diversity of cultural backgrounds and the behavioural dynamics of modern global scientific work groups and collaboration partners.

Post-doctoral Researcher at University Medical Center Göttingen