Dr. Paul Charlton

  • Some profile highlights…
  • Research background – Ph.D. (Biochemistry / Molecular Biology).
  • Extensive international corporate, academic & institutional experience.
  • Former guest faculty visiting professor IIMB (India). Current guest faculty, DZIF Academy (Germany).
  • Expert in international communication, productivity and career development skills.
  • Over 20 years of global success in training & coaching.
  • Focuses on scientific, medical, IT and engineering (STEM) professions.
  • Native English speaker with multi-lingual & multi-cultural competency.
  • Seen here together with Prof. Brian Cox (Right).

I am an international communication, career & productivity skills coach with a scientific & technical background, extensive global training experience and an accomplished workshop facilitator.

I have worked closely with many clients around the world, both as an active practitioner, programme director and lead coach of hundreds of global workshop events with thousands of participants over a 20+ year-long period – continually developing a portfolio of customised skill development programmes with a particular focus on individuals with a highly scientific or technical “mindset” and who wish to enhance and extend their professional skill-set for career and personal success in a global, multi-cultural & diversity sensitive work environment.

During this time, I have lived and worked in many countries, an experience which also ensures cross-cultural competency is an important component of my workshops and programmes.

As a native English speaker, I also work closely with non-native speaking programme participants to polish and refine their fluency to the highest level of scientific, technical, or business English.

I am now based from my alpine executive facilities near Munich, Germany, and am also available online as a freelance resource to offer clients custom niche skill development solutions, integrated with in-house programmes or “stand-alone” initiatives.

You can get an insight into some of my thoughts and approaches in a June 2021 interview with Nature (click the image below for a PDF copy).

Paul Charlton’s interview with Nature, June 2021

In case you are interested in my services, I work on a “referral only” basis – please reach out to me via your professional network and my LinkedIn profile (link button below).