Chief Digital & Information Officer, UK.

Paul’s advice was invaluable to me on two very important occasions to me in my career. I was lucky to be invited to speak at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona in 2015, Paul acted as a mentor to me in the run up to the event providing excellent advice and guidance on my style of delivery, my content and my confidence. I had never worked with a mentor/coach for a specific presentation before. Paul made me feel at ease with the advice he gave, his way of delivery is constructive, friendly and extremely well informed, Paul makes it fun to receive advice and helps you make sure the advice sticks.

Two years later at the same event I had the opportunity to deliver a closing key note that covered the Irish journey through the WannaCry attack and Ireland’s preparedness for digital healthcare. This presentation was to be the last presentation I would deliver as CIO of the Irish health care system and meant a great deal to me personally, again Paul’s advice, guidance and some of the changes he persuaded me to make to the presentation enabled me to score one of the highest presentations of the day and to really leave a role I had loved on a high.

I can’t recommend the services of Paul enough, I hope to be lucky enough to work with Paul again in the future as I think he is one of the best in his area of expertise, I would look to send my team on training and sessions delivered by Paul in the future.