A foundation workshop with coaching in a “toolbox” of communication, career and productivity skills for successfully navigating to a research Ph.D and beyond.

  • 2-day workshop duration with follow-up Skype based support.
  • Designed primarily for new PhD student researchers.
  • Optimum of 6 participants per workshop.
  • Provides immediate skill development benefits.
  • Prepares participants for further coaching prior to PhD defence and thereafter.

Why participate? Conducting research to a PhD degree is extremely demanding not only on scientific competency, but also ability to manage one’s productivity and successful communication & interactions with colleagues & peers.

The multi-national diversity of modern research groups and the frequent requirement for achieving & communicating clear “bench-to-bedside” translational research importance, further challenges the skill capabilities of junior researchers.

This workshop covers key selected “soft” skill development areas which supplement and complement an individual’s scientific laboratory “bench” skills.
These priority “soft” skills will be integrated into practical daily habits which significantly improve productivity, reduces potential conflict situations and enhances a professional and healthy work-life balance.

The selected topics for the workshop focuses on:

  • Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) and behavioural management.
  • Cross-cultural competency.
  • Assertive and respectful communication.
  • Networking and self-marketing (on-line and face-to-face).
  • Productivity enhancement – time & priority management.

Certification will be provided upon successful completion. The workshop also provides a foundation for further coaching programmes upon completion (or approaching “defence”) of the PhD.

Please contact for more information and reservations.