A  full individual coaching service package in preparation for upcoming “high stakes” international speaking engagements.

  • Offered only for already accomplished speakers who wish to further refine and polish their complete performance for a specifically defined speaking presentation or keynote.
  • Designed for senior executives (e.g. analysts, business development managers and board members) and academics (e.g. group leaders, principal investigators and professors).
  • Typical speaking scenarios include industry conferences & trade shows, project proposals, investment and grant application committee presentations.
  • Sessions are provided with a blend of onsite (European client facilities), alpine executive facilities (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany), via Skype (or alternative video conferencing) and onsite at the speaking venue.
  • Flexible fee structure based on a daily, hourly, project or a retainer basis.

Why coaching? Even the most accomplished speakers value the need for preparation, rehearsal and feedback from trusted associates.

Podium speaking at international conferences, congresses and trade shows is the ultimate opportunity to demonstrate “though-leadership”, engage and network with peers and to showcase one’s services, professionalism and competency.

Application for grants and funding in research is becoming increasingly competitive and the importance of successful committee presentations and question management, often with very limited speaking time, are now a critical component of the decision process to fund/invest.In especially critical presentations and keynotes, engaging with an external coach with a structured process for preparation, rehearsal and refinement is an advisable investment.

This premium service is in English language and conducted as individual sessions between coach and client, the content of which is customised depending on particular speaking engagement.

Topics reviewed include:

  • Planning & optimising presentation assets such as slides, posters and handouts.
  • Sequencing assets into an effective and engaging compelling narrative.
  • Ensuring communication of value and desired action to the audience.
  • Adapting to various audience behaviour types and cultural demographics.
  • Presentation delivery techniques and tips for the specific context scenarios.
  • “Question and Answer” management and etiquette.
  • Dealing with awkward moments and interruptions.
  • Polishing of international and technical/scientific English as required.

The typical design and format of the programme:

  • A one-day masterclass workshop including review of the narrative and support assets (sessions customised between coach and client).
  • Minimum of 2 x 1 hour Skype based review sessions with presentation rehearsals via live slide sharing. Final session conducted 1-2 days prior to the speaking event.
  • Coach to attend event (optional) to support, observe and provide feedback upon completion.

The programme utilises individual video-recording and “scorecard” based progress tracking.

Please contact for more information and reservations.