A masterclass advanced level coaching workshop to enhance the preparation and engagement skills for international procurement, grant & employment contract negotiations.

  • Designed for post-doctoral researchers, principal investigators & junior group leaders.
  • 8 participants per programme (8 is optimum, but can be extended).
  • 2-day workshop

Why participate? Scientists, academics and support-role staff regularly find themselves in situations that demand efficient and effective negotiation skills. Whether purchasing laboratory consumables, applying for grants, arranging procurement contracts with global vendors or ensuring optimum employment contract terms.

The advantages in planning and engaging in a professional and structured manner helps to ensure concessions are managed and optimum outcomes are achieved which protect your interests and enable maximum possible value from your budgets.

Non-verbal communication and cultural nuances can also potentially compromise successful deal-making in the modern diverse scientific workplace.

This workshop will provide practical tools, methods and tips together with an environment to practice and reinforce best habits that build competency, fluency and self-confidence through the entire negotiating process. Skill development areas focus on:

  • Pre-negotiation planning and preparations.
  • Developing a negotiation “Basket”, “Briefcase” & “BATNA”.
  • Aspects of verbal and non- verbal communication.
  • Dealing with tactics & tricky moments.
  • Emotional intelligence, self-awareness & cross-cultural competency.
  • Post-negotiation follow up and action planning.
  • Polishing of English language vocabulary and pronunciation (in context for a negotiation).

The programme utilises individual video-recording and “scorecard” based progress tracking. Certification will be provided upon successful completion and will also enable extended individual coaching programmes or participation in the “Excellence in International Scientific Communication” or “Excellence in International Scientific Collaboration & Networking” masterclass level skill coaching.

Please contact for more information and reservations.