A masterclass advanced level coaching workshop to enhance the essential engagement & leadership skills for successful research workgroup interactions and international collaborations.

  • Designed for post-doctoral researchers, principal investigators & junior group leaders.
  • 8 participants per programme (8 is optimum, but can be extended).
  • 2-day workshop with follow-up, Skype based support.

Why participate? Many research workgroups now comprise a tremendous variety of intellectual capital, experience and talent. Thus, participating, managing and demonstrating leadership within such groups and successfully collaborating with others, on- site, nationally and globally is essential.

Challenges may arise due to complexity and diversity of team demographics such as individual’s behavioural norms, personality type and cultural influences.

Successfully navigating the daily complexity of the modern research group environment helps to ensure efficient and effective achievement of shared team goals with a minimum of unnecessary distractions and potential misunderstandings.

This customised coaching workshop will provide practical tools, methods and tips together with an environment to practice and reinforce best habits for team success. Skill development areas focus on:

  • Establishing, leading & participating in diverse, complex international workgroups.
  • Emotional Intelligence and behavioural management with cross-cultural competency.
  • Adapting to various team behaviour types and cultural demographics.
  • Meeting management, brainstorming and moderating.
  • Assertive communication and conflict resolution.
  • Networking skills at international conferences & events.
  • Gender and diversity sensitisation.
  • Polishing of English language vocabulary and pronunciation.

The programme utilises individual video-recording and “scorecard” based progress tracking. Certification will be provided upon successful completion and will also enable extended individual coaching programmes or participation in the “Excellence in International Scientific Communication” or “Excellence in International Scientific Negotiation” masterclass level skill coaching.

Please contact for more information and reservations.