A masterclass advanced level coaching programme to enhance the preparation, delivery, question & answer management and professional moderation skills for scientific presentations and conference speaking.

  • Designed for post-doctoral researchers, principal investigators and junior group leaders.
  • Conducted over 4-months, on-site (usually at DZG locations) and via Skype.
  • 9 participants per programme.
  • Scheduled and content customised to each individual participant.
  • Well accepted as a “reference” of best practices.
  • Extensive alumni base of previous participants with testimonials available upon request.
  • 2-day “bootcamp” format offered for PhD students.
  • Individual flexible coaching format for senior supervisors & professors (e.g. preparing for keynotes, grant application presentations).

Why participate? Clear and effective international communication skills should be an essential part of a modern researchers capability and competency.
However, this is rarely observed during presentations, conferences and a range of other face-to-face opportunities to engage in a professional dialogue.

This programme provides the practical tools, methods and tips together with an environment, format and flexible schedule to practice and reinforce best habits that build these skill competencies, natural fluency & enhance professional performance and self-confidence.

Who should participate? The programme is not a basic level training, rather an intensive and challenging solution to enable individual participants to both reflect on their current skills and to build and enhance them into adopted success habits. Hence the “Masterclass” design and primarily suited for:

  • Post-doctoral researchers.
  • Principal investigators.
  • Junior group leaders.

Exceptional final year PhD students could also be considered subject to available places.

What priority skill areas are coached?

  • Developing a clear and effective compelling narrative (story).
  • Collating, designing and optimising slides, handouts and posters for successful delivery in harmony with the compelling narrative.
  • Ensuring the delivery of clear audience “value” including translational, bench-to-bedside aspects.
  • Adapting to various audience behaviour types and cultural demographics.
  • Presentation delivery techniques, methods and tips.
  • Management of questions, interruptions and tricky moments.
  • Managing body language & dealing with nerves and anxiety related to public speaking.
  • The roles and skills of a chairperson, keynote speaker and conference delegate.
  • Proactive “person-to-person” networking with peers at a conference.
  • Polishing of scientific English (non-native speakers).
  • Assertive and respectful communication techniques.

What will be the benefits? Upon successful programme completion (with new skills rehearsed, demonstrated, adopted & certified) participants will have significantly enhanced their ability to prepare, deliver and manage their informal and formal scientific communications. At conferences; audiences will fully understand the presentation, remember the key points, have enjoyed the experience and will most likely seek to follow-up with the speaker for further discussions.

What is the time requirement of the participant?

All events are conducted in English language. The four step masterclass programme for 9 participants (extendable to 12) consists of multiple sessions run on-site & remotely via Skype, over a 4-month period:

  1. Two-day foundation workshop (all participants).
  2. Half-day small group workshop (3 participants).
  3. 60-minute workshop session (individual participant).
  4. 45-minute Skype-based session (individual participant).

The “bootcamp” workshop format is run over two days with a follow-up individual Skype session. It has similar content to the EISC but customised to the immediate needs of PhD researchers and is less intensive.

Both the EISC “masterclass” & “bootcamp” skill coaching formats utilise individual video-recording and “scorecard” progress tracking. Certification will be provided upon successful completion with new skill habits rehearsed, demonstrated and adopted.

The “masterclass” and “bootcamp” coaching formats are regularly conducted on-site (usually at Germany-wide DZG or affiliate/partner locations) and around Europe/internationally.


The residential EISC “Bootcamp” workshop events are also conducted at alpine coaching facilities in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany.


Please contact for more information and reservations.