Excellence in International Scientific Communication (EISC)

A “Masterclass” coaching programme to enhance the preparation, delivery, Q&A management & professional moderation skills for scientific presentations, interviews & conference speaking.

Core Skills Covered:

  • Developing a clear and effective compelling narrative (story).
  • Collating, designing and optimising slides, handouts, and posters for successful delivery in harmony with the compelling narrative.
  • Ensuring the delivery of clear audience “value” including translational, bench-to-bedside aspects and “call to action”.
  • Adapting to various audience behaviour types and cultural demographics.
  • Management of questions, interruptions and tricky moments.
  • Managing body language & dealing with nerves and anxiety related to public speaking and networking.
  • The roles and skills of a chairperson, speaker and conference delegate.
  • Proactive “person-to-person” networking with peers at a conference and follow-up.
  • Polishing scientific English (for non-native speakers).
  • Assertive and respectful communication techniques.
  • Be understood, be remembered (for right reasons) and be approachable!

Format (Conducted onsite at client location and then via Skype over a 2-3 month period):

Module 1: 2-day “foundation” workshop with optimised for 8-12 participants

Module 2: half-day workshop with smaller groups (2-4 participants) from module 1

Module 3: Individual one-on-one coaching session conducted remotely via Skype

Upon successful completion, participants receive certification and option for a skill endorsement from myself on the LinkedIn professional networking platform.

Variations of the programme content and format can be adapted and customised subject to group size, experience, and speaking platform e.g conferences, interviews and grant applications (ERC/SFB/DRG, etc).