• Post-doctoral researchers, principal investigators, group leaders & professors.
  • “Pure” & “Translational” research, life science, biotech, bioinformatics and clinical research.
  • Global, multi-cultural backgrounds – Germany / European region a speciality.

I am a former research scientist with a PhD in biochemistry/molecular biology. I understand and appreciate the daily challenges faced with regard to not only the actual science being conducted but the range of productivity, communication and networking skills that should be developed to a strong degree of competency. This is often not the case and yet such skills are becoming increasingly desirable for career success.

To address this need, I dedicate a significant percentage of my coaching activities with scientists from post-doctoral to professorial positions. Following years of experience working with life scientists and researchers around the globe, I now focus especially on the German region.

From summer 2015, I will be conducting regular coaching programmes, workshops and “1-on-1” sessions for clients Germany-wide including the “cluster” of DZG research sites (and affiliates) located around Munich, Tübingen, Heidelberg, Göttingen, Hamburg, Bonn, Berlin and Dresden.


The events and individual sessions will be conducted at onsite locations on a regular monthly to quarterly basis, arranged in partnership with the local organisers such as the DZIF, DZHK, TUM, UMG etc.

With advance notice, internationally hosted programmes can be provided.

Please contact for more information and reservations.