My clients are individuals with a highly scientific or technical “mindset” who wish to enhance and extend their professional skill-set for career and personal success in a global, multi-cultural, gender & diversity sensitive work environment.

Analysts and Managers

  • Market researchers and analysts (to senior vice-president).
  • Sales managers, programme managers, delivery managers (to senior vice-president).
  • Life science & technology markets.
  • Global, multi-cultural backgrounds – Indian I.T. outsourcing segment a speciality.

With my highly technical and scientific background, I share the “mindset” of many of my clients. This is supplemented with my experiences as a business developer, a global “road-warrior” for many years and my proven history of training and coaching success.

During the “Biotech Bubble” of the late nineties, I partnered with entrepreneurs and start-up teams to co-develop “pitches” for investors and their clients. This provided an outstanding experience in bridging science & technology, with business, markets and the global biotech clusters such as Martinsried (Germany), Silicon Valley (USA), Bangalore (India) and Cambridge (UK).

Senior Research Scientists

  • Post-doctoral researchers, principal investigators, group leaders & professors.
  • “Pure” & “Translational” research, life science, biotech, bioinformatics and clinical research.
  • Global, multi-cultural backgrounds – Germany / European region a speciality.

I am a former research scientist with a PhD in biochemistry/molecular biology. I understand and appreciate the daily challenges faced with regard to not only the actual science being conducted but the range of productivity, communication and networking skills that should be developed to a strong degree of competency. This is often not the case and yet such skills are becoming increasingly desirable for career success.

Information Technologists

  • I.T. programmers.
  • Application developers.
  • Individuals with client interacting (remote) roles.
  • Individuals with client facing & business development roles.
  • Global, multi-cultural backgrounds – Indian I.T. outsourcing segment a speciality.

As an early-adopter of home computers and programming, I have always had a close connection with both the hardware and software industries. In the early 2000’s I was a guest faculty at a selection of Indian Institutes of Management teaching business development and negotiation skills. The students were practising mangers from many of the top global I.T. companies.